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The Spirits of Salem is an eerie and enchanting journey through the history of Salem, told by the Spirits themselves in their own words! Learn the true story of Salem's past in an immersive experience unlike any other as you travel through the ages. From the Witchcraft Trials, to the Golden Age of Sail and beyond, meet the Spirits who wove together the rich tapestry of the city that is still making history!


Spirits is an immersive walk-through attraction in the historic Endicott Building on the corner of Essex and Washington streets. Presented at The Black Cat Curiosity Shoppe; beautiful audio and visual effects combined with actual artifacts from Salem's history will transport you throughout the centuries as you experience them in the very words spoken by her esteemed visitors and colorful residents. Written by Salem Historians with decades of research, this experience is presented in a fun, slightly spooky way that is family friendly for younger guests, but captivating for adults as well! 




This attraction contains lighting effects, but no strobes. The audio is immersive and may be slightly intense for those with audio sensory issues, but is set within a comfortable decibel level. There are no physical actors, no mannequins, and no jump-scares. There are descriptions of violence and death, skeletal remains and faux taxidermy, but no gore or depictions of death.


234 Essex Street Salem, Massachusetts


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